Humane Bat Control

When a home is invaded by bats or rats this can be a serious problem for the homeowners. Bats feces can be toxic to humans. Bats need to be removed from the home, however, it is unjust to hurt these creature. They were not looking to cause harm but for a safe place to live. It is wrong hurting any defenseless creature. Humane bat control service  or a company offering Chicago Rat removal services can remove such rodents from the home without causing harm to them.


A certified technician will come to the home and inspect the property. They will look for signs of the bats including rub marks on the walls and a buildup of guano. Once the technician has found where the bats are living they will locate areas where the bats can be getting into the home. There may be an open window or a small crack in the siding of the attic where the bats are gaining access to the home. This area will be sealed up so the creature can no longer get in.

To remove the bats from the home, humane bat traps can be set up. These traps will allow the bats to fly in but they will not be able to fly back out. The one way door will prevent the bat from leaving. The bat is not harmed during this process. The technician will be able to release the bat back into the wild. They will also try to remove the bats by picking them up when possible. Hands on techniques are gentle and effective.

Bat Removal

For the safety of the bats technicians will prefer to perform the removal at specific times of the year. Bats breed between the months of May and August. The technicians do not want to separate the babies from their mothers. They also want to make sure the bats are able to fly once they are released into the wild. It is best to call a technician for bat remove in the early spring before mating seasons begins.

Certified technicians can help remove bats in a safe way. A homeowner will get the bats out of their homes and the bats will not be injured in any way. Technicians should also clean up the bat waste as it can be toxic. Removing the odor of the bats will help make sure they do not come back into the home and stay out in the wild where they belong.

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